How the Book festival came about….

It’s strange how things happen……

One of the members of Christ Church had been at the Dalkey Book festival to hear Stephen Fry speaking. That evening she and her husband were discussing how good it would be to have a book festival specifically for children.

At the same time, I was reflecting upon how successful the Bloomsday Festival had been in Rathgar in June – so much so, in fact, that I resolved to dress up for next year! Not like me at all! And I was wondering what we could do in the autumn – perhaps a Harvest Festival or something.

The two ideas coalesced and here we are – the inaugural Rathgar Book Festival for Children, to be held on Saturday, October 19th in Christ Church.

Since then the level of enthusiasm and willingness to help has been breathtaking. Rathgar Resident’s Association, Rathgar Business Association, Christ Church, The O’Brien Press, Dublin City Council, various authors – all have been keen to help and support.

As the Book Festival is for children, it seemed natural to extend it to include The Friends of St Luke’s Hospital. All proceeds will go to the Friends of St Luke’s for the benefit of children.

St Luke’s Radiology Oncology Hospital is Ireland’s only provider of paediatric radiation and oncology treatments for children and adolescents. Patients and their families travel from every county in Ireland, spending five days a week for a period of six weeks receiving treatment. Between 40 – 50 children and young adolescents are treated in St Luke’s each year for Brain Tumours, Carcinomas, Neuroblastomas and Wilms’ Tumours.  Children from one up to 18 years of age are treated as outpatients in the Rathgar Hospital in Dublin and travel to St Luke’s daily from other children’s hospitals in Dublin.

So – we will keep you informed of things as they develop. On the day there will be books, workshops, delicious food an more.

Everything you need. In a village!

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